Hypothalamic nutrient sensing in the control of energy homeostasis
Fornix and retrosplenial contribution to a hippocampo-thalamic circuit underlying conditional learning
Sex-dependent cognitive phenotype of mice lacking mGluR8 ☆
Behavioural phenotype of APPC100.V717F transgenic mice over-expressing a mutant Aβ-bearing fragment is associated with reduced NMDA receptor density
Response competition associated with right–left antennal asymmetries of new and old olfactory memory traces in honeybees
Neuroprotective effects of estrogen treatment on ischemia-induced behavioural deficits in ovariectomized gerbils at different ages
Age effects on wayfinding and route learning skills
Progesterone reduces hyperactivity of female and male dopamine transporter knockout mice
The chemotherapy agent, thioTEPA, yields long-term impairment of hippocampal cell proliferation and memory deficits but not depression-related behaviors in mice
Protective effect of quercetin against intracerebral streptozotocin induced reduction in cerebral blood flow and impairment of memory in mice
Isolation rearing-induced deficits in contextual fear learning do not require CRF2 receptors
Evaluating spatial memory function in mice: A within-subjects comparison between the water maze test and its adaptation to dry land
Effects of single and simultaneous lesions of serotonergic and noradrenergic pathways on open-space and bright-space anxiety-like behavior in two animal models
The 5-HT7 receptor as a mediator and modulator of antidepressant-like behavior
Abnormal strategies during visual discrimination reversal learning in ephrin-A2 −/− mice
Chronic WIN55,212-2 elicits sustained and conditioned increases in intracranial self-stimulation thresholds in the rat
Neuroprotective effects of progesterone following stroke in aged rats
Inactivation of the left auditory cortex impairs temporal discrimination in the rat
The effects of FG 7142 on sensory-specific satiety in rats
Investigating the role of protein kinase-G in the antidepressant-like response of sildenafil in combination with muscarinic acetylcholine receptor antagonism
Depression-like behavior and reduced plasma testosterone levels in the senescence-accelerated mouse
Gender-specific hemodynamics in prefrontal cortex during a verbal working memory task by near-infrared spectroscopy
Tolerance, sensitization and dependence to diazepam in Balb/c mice exposed to a novel open space anxiety test
The role of TNF-α signaling pathway on COX-2 upregulation and cognitive decline induced by β-amyloid peptide
Influence of amygdaloid glutamatergic receptors on sensory and emotional pain-related behavior in the neuropathic rat
Brain plasticity in developmental dyslexia after phonological treatment: A beta EEG band study
Stress triggers anhedonia in rats bred for learned helplessness
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