Effect of reversible inactivation of reuniens nucleus on memory processing in passive avoidance task
Inflammatory markers are associated with inhibitory avoidance memory deficit induced by sleep deprivation in rats
Comparative study between two animal models of extrapyramidal movement disorders: Prevention and reversion by pecan nut shell aqueous extract
Nuclear factor-kappa B mediates TRPV4–NO pathway involved in thermal hyperalgesia following chronic compression of the dorsal root ganglion in rats
Differential effects of inescapable stress on locus coeruleus GRK3, alpha2-adrenoceptor and CRF1 receptor levels in learned helpless and non-helpless rats: A potential link to stress resilience
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Impact of early life stress on alcohol consumption and on the short- and long-term responses to alcohol in adolescent female rats
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Functional brain asymmetry in adult novelty response: On fluidity of neonatal novelty exposure effects
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Long lasting effects of predator stress on pCREB expression in brain regions involved in fearful and anxious behavior
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NMDA-complexes linked to spatial memory performance in the Barnes maze in CD1 mice
Acute inescapable stress exposure induces long-term sleep disturbances and avoidance behavior: A mouse model of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
The effect of CRF2 receptor antagonists on rat conditioned fear responses and c-Fos and CRF expression in the brain limbic structures
Ketamine plus imipramine treatment induces antidepressant-like behavior and increases CREB and BDNF protein levels and PKA and PKC phosphorylation in rat brain
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Variation in asymmetry of the habenular nucleus correlates with behavioural asymmetry in a cichlid fish
Changes of protein expression profiles in the amygdala during the process of morphine-induced conditioned place preference in rats
Improvement of brain energy metabolism and cholinergic functions contributes to the beneficial effects of silibinin against streptozotocin induced memory impairment
Genetic selection for body weight in chickens has altered responses of the brain's AMPK system to food intake regulation effect of ghrelin, but not obestatin
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Triadimefon supports conditioned cue preference
Haloperidol modulates noradrenergic responses to aversive stimulation depending on treatment duration
Excitatory conditioning to the interoceptive nicotine stimulus blocks subsequent conditioning to an exteroceptive light stimulus
Inactivation of the prelimbic cortex enhances freezing induced by trimethylthiazoline, a component of fox feces
Antagonism of orexin 1 receptors eliminates motor hyperactivity and improves homing response acquisition in juvenile rats exposed to alcohol during early postnatal period
Posttraining systemic administration of the histone deacetylase inhibitor sodium butyrate ameliorates aging-related memory decline in rats