Voluntary wheel running enhances contextual but not trace fear conditioning
Sex differences in the behavioral response to methylphenidate in three adolescent rat strains (WKY, SHR, SD)
Cognitive enhancing effects of an AMPA receptor positive modulator on place learning in mice
Bright lighting conditions during testing increase thigmotaxis and impair water maze performance in BALB/c mice
The periaqueductal gray as a critical site to mediate reward seeking during predatory hunting
Stress-evoked increases in serotonin in the auditory midbrain do not directly result from elevations in serum corticosterone
5-HT2A receptor activation in the dorsolateral septum facilitates inhibitory avoidance in the elevated T-maze
Disambiguating the similar: The dentate gyrus and pattern separation
In search of optimal fear inducing stimuli: Differential behavioral responses to computer animated images in zebrafish
Positive and negative ultrasonic social signals elicit opposing firing patterns in rat amygdala
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Ghrelin is an orexigenic peptide and elicits anxiety-like behaviors following administration into discrete regions of the hypothalamus
Prolonged zymosan-induced inflammatory pain hypersensitivity in mice lacking glycine receptor alpha2
Early fear as a predictor of avoidance in a rat model of post-traumatic stress disorder
Selective blockade of 5-HT7 receptors facilitates attentional set-shifting in stressed and control rats
Walking there: Environmental influence on walking-distance estimation
Dendritic morphology of amygdala and hippocampal neurons in more and less predator stress responsive rats and more and less spontaneously anxious handled controls
Postmenopausal hormone use impact on emotion processing circuitry
Preserved learning and memory in mice following chemotherapy: 5-Fluorouracil and doxorubicin single agent treatment, doxorubicin–cyclophosphamide combination treatment
Spinal P2X7 receptor mediates microglia activation-induced neuropathic pain in the sciatic nerve injury rat model
Both the dorsal hippocampus and the dorsolateral striatum are needed for rat navigation in the Morris water maze
Brain processing of the mammary pheromone in newborn rabbits
A trigeminal conditioned stimulus yields fast acquisition of cerebellum-dependent conditioned eyeblinks
Comparison of rat sensory behavioral tasks to detect somatosensory morbidity after diffuse brain-injury
The neuroprotective effect of vitamin E on chronic sleep deprivation-induced memory impairment: The role of oxidative stress
Task-dependent effects of interhemispheric inhibition on motor control
Cognition in female transmembrane domain neuregulin 1 mutant mice
Acetylcholine from the mesopontine tegmental nuclei differentially affects methamphetamine induced locomotor activity and neurotransmitter levels in the mesolimbic pathway
The effect of age and tongue exercise on BDNF and TrkB in the hypoglossal nucleus of rats
Different pathophysiology underlying animal models of fibromyalgia and neuropathic pain: Comparison of reserpine-induced myalgia and chronic constriction injury rats
Involvement of tissue plasminogen activator “tPA” in ethanol-induced locomotor sensitization and conditioned-place preference
Significance of serum glucocorticoid and chelatable zinc in depression and cognition in zinc deficiency
Neurologic function during developmental and adult stages in Dab1 scm (scrambler) mutant mice
Differential effects of escitalopram challenge on disgust processing in obsessive–compulsive disorder
Unilateral nigrostriatal 6-hydroxydopamine lesions in mice II: Predicting l-DOPA-induced dyskinesia
Behavioral alterations and changes in Ca/calmodulin kinase II levels in the striatum of connexin36 deficient mice
Inhibition of PKA attenuates memory deficits induced by β-amyloid (1–42), and decreases oxidative stress and NF-κB transcription factors
EEG mu component responses to viewing emotional faces
Central angiotensin converting enzyme facilitates memory impairment in intracerebroventricular streptozotocin treated rats
Environmental enrichment reduces attribution of incentive salience to a food-associated stimulus
Rimonabant attenuates amphetamine sensitisation in a CCK2 receptor-dependent manner
Unpredictable saccharin reinforcement enhances locomotor responding to amphetamine
Functional specificity in the modulation of novelty exposure effects by reliability of maternal care
Increased microglial activation in the rat brain following neonatal exposure to a bacterial mimetic
Dopamine D1 receptor antagonism impairs extinction of cocaine-cue memories