Chronic ethanol exposure during adolescence alters the behavioral responsiveness to ethanol in adult mice
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Traveling in the dark: The legibility of a regular and predictable structure of the environment extends beyond its borders
Tremella fuciformis enhances the neurite outgrowth of PC12 cells and restores trimethyltin-induced impairment of memory in rats via activation of CREB transcription and cholinergic systems
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Odors from proximal species reverse the stress-decreased neurogenesis via main olfactory processing
Postnatal exposure to predator odor (TMT) enhances spatial learning in mice adulthood
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The influence of different Stop-signal response time estimation procedures on behavior–behavior and brain–behavior correlations
Reduced thyroid hormones with increased hippocampal SNAP-25 and Munc18-1 might involve cognitive impairment during aging
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Sub-concussive brain injury in the Long-Evans rat induces acute neuroinflammation in the absence of behavioral impairments
Opposite effects of low versus high dose haloperidol treatments on spontaneous and apomorphine induced motor behavior: Evidence that at a very low dose haloperidol acts as an indirect dopamine agonist
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Prolonged elevation in hippocampal Aβ and cognitive deficits following repeated endotoxin exposure in the mouse
Stronger activation and deactivation in archery experts for differential cognitive strategy in visuospatial working memory processing
Animated bird silhouette above the tank: Acute alcohol diminishes fear responses in zebrafish
Juvenile exposure to methylphenidate reduces cocaine reward and alters netrin-1 receptor expression in adulthood
Lithium and valproate prevent olfactory discrimination and short-term memory impairments in the intranasal 1-methyl-4-phenyl-1,2,3,6-tetrahydropyridine (MPTP) rat model of Parkinson's disease
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