Auditory discrimination training rescues developmentally degraded directional selectivity and restores mature expression of GABAA and AMPA receptor subunits in rat auditory cortex
Neuronal aggregates are associated with phenotypic onset in the R6/2 Huntington's disease transgenic mouse
Blocking mTORC1 activity by rapamycin leads to impairment of spatial memory retrieval but not acquisition in C57BL/6J mice
Endogenous ciliary neurotrophic factor modulates anxiety and depressive-like behavior
Implication of the VGF-derived peptide TLQP-21 in mouse acute and chronic stress responses
Time-course of neurodegeneration and memory impairment following the 4-vessel occlusion/internal carotid artery model of chronic cerebral hypoperfusion in middle-aged rats
Temporal patterns of deep brain stimulation generated with a true random number generator and the logistic equation: Effects on CNS arousal in mice
Hippocampal neurogenesis increase with stereotypic behavior in mink ( Neovison vison )
Excitotoxic perirhinal cortex lesions leave stimulus-specific habituation of suppression to lights intact
Fos expression in the orbital prefrontal cortex after exposure to the fixed-interval peak procedure
Cognitive decline in STZ-3V rats is largely due to dysfunctional insulin signalling through the dentate gyrus
The salience network contributes to an individual's fluid reasoning capacity
The biomechanics of locomotor compensation after peripheral nerve lesion in the rat
Amitriptyline attenuates astrocyte activation and morphine tolerance in rats: Role of the PSD-95/NR1/nNOS/PKCγ signaling pathway
Autocrine motility factor receptor is involved in the process of learning and memory in the central nervous system
Deciding between conflicting motivations: What mice make of their prefrontal cortex
Excitotoxic lesions of the medial amygdala attenuate olfactory fear-potentiated startle and conditioned freezing behavior
Amygdala volume predicts patterns of eye fixation in rhesus monkeys
High-frequency gamblers show increased resistance to extinction following partial reinforcement
Loss in risk-taking: Absence of optimal gain or reduction in one's own resources?
The effects of morphine and morphine conditioned context on 50 kHz ultrasonic vocalisation in rats
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