Neural activity in the hippocampus during conflict resolution
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Sleep-dependency of episodic-like memory consolidation in rats
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GABAB receptor activation attenuates the stimulant but not mesolimbic dopamine response to ethanol in FAST mice
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Maternal behavior as an early modulator of neurobehavioral offspring responses by Sprague-Dawley rats
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Two cognitive and neural systems for endogenous and exogenous spatial attention
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Fluoxetine modulates hippocampal cell signaling pathways implicated in neuroplasticity in olfactory bulbectomized mice
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L-type calcium channel blockade alleviates molecular and reversal spatial learning and memory alterations induced by entorhinal amyloid pathology in rats
Human handedness: An inherited evolutionary trait
ApoE isoform modulates effects of cranial 56Fe irradiation on spatial learning and memory in the water maze
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COMT and BDNF interacted in bipolar II disorder not comorbid with anxiety disorder
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High frequency electro-acupuncture enhances striatum DAT and D1 receptor expression, but decreases D2 receptor level in 6-OHDA lesioned rats
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Early postnatal experience and DRD2 genotype affect dopamine receptor expression in the rat ventral striatum ☆
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Social status, breeding state, and GnRH soma size in convict cichlids ( Cryptoheros nigrofasciatus )
Behavioral and cortical EEG evaluations confirm the roles of both CCKA and CCKB receptors in mouse CCK-induced anxiety
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