Chronic melatonin treatment reverses disruption of prepulse inhibition in pinealectomized and pinealectomized-plus-ovariectomized rats
Daily treadmill exercise attenuates cocaine cue-induced reinstatement and cocaine induced locomotor response but increases cocaine-primed reinstatement
Early deficits in declarative and procedural memory dependent behavioral function in a transgenic rat model of Huntington's disease
Antidepressant-like effects of curcumin in WKY rat model of depression is associated with an increase in hippocampal BDNF
Synergistic effects of BDNF and rehabilitative training on recovery after cervical spinal cord injury
Functional MRI and functional connectivity of the visual system of awake pigeons
MC4-R signaling within the nucleus accumbens shell, but not the lateral hypothalamus, modulates ethanol palatability in rats
Working memory for temporal order is impaired after selective neonatal hippocampal lesions in adult rhesus macaques
Generalization of adaptation to a complex visuo-motor transformation across the workspace
Chronic administration of AFQ056/Mavoglurant restores social behaviour in Fmr1 knockout mice
Evaluation of emotional behaviors in young offspring of C57BL/6J mice after gestational and/or perinatal exposure to nicotine in six different time-windows
Galanin, through GalR1 but not GalR2 receptors, decreases motivation at times of high appetitive behavior
Dorsolateral striatum and dorsal hippocampus: A serial contribution to acquisition of cue-reward associations in rats
Prefrontal cortex activity, sympatho-vagal reaction and behaviour distinguish between situations of feed reward and frustration in dwarf goats
Altered anxiety and defensive behaviors in Bax knockout mice
Changes in forelimb–hindlimb coordination after partial spinal lesions of different extent in the rat
Effects of sodium butyrate on methamphetamine-sensitized locomotor activity
Intra-orbitofrontal cortex injection of haloperidol removes the beneficial effect of methylphenidate on reversal learning of spontaneously hypertensive rats in an attentional set-shifting task
The competitive NMDA receptor antagonist CPP disrupts cocaine-induced conditioned place preference, but spares behavioral sensitization
Findings from the Garner-paradigm do not support the “how” versus “what” distinction in the visual brain
Chicago sky blue 6B, a vesicular glutamate transporters inhibitor, attenuates methamphetamine-induced hyperactivity and behavioral sensitization in mice
Environmentally enriched rearing environments reduce repetitive perseveration in caged mink, but increase spontaneous alternation