Effects of complete vagotomy and blockage of cell adhesion molecules on interferon-α induced behavioral changes in mice
Inhibition of phosphodiesterase-5 rescues age-related impairment of synaptic plasticity and memory
An antiprogestin, CDB4124, blocks progesterone's attenuation of the negative effects of a mild stress on sexual behavior
Selective increase in the association of the β2 adrenergic receptor, β Arrestin-1 and p53 with Mdm2 in the ventral hippocampus one month after underwater trauma
The “prawn-in-the-tube” procedure: What do cuttlefish learn and memorize?
Neural mechanisms underlying the changes in ipsilateral primary motor cortex excitability during unilateral rhythmic muscle contraction
Olfactory signals mediate social buffering of conditioned fear responses in male rats
Neuronal activity in the bed nucleus of the stria terminalis in a rat model for obsessive–compulsive disorder
The study on the frontoparietal networks by continuous theta burst stimulation in healthy human subjects
Differences in sensitivity to ethanol-induced conditioned taste aversions emerge after pre- or post-pubertal gonadectomy in male and female rats
Inhibition of glucocorticoid receptors ameliorates hypobaric hypoxia induced memory impairment in rat
A drug-paired taste cue elicits withdrawal and predicts cocaine self-administration
Cannabinoid type 1 receptor ligands WIN 55,212–2 and AM 251 alter anxiety-like behaviors of marmoset monkeys in an open-field test
Plastic changes in the astrocyte GLUT1 glucose transporter and beta-tubulin microtubule protein following voluntary exercise in mice
Interfering with post-learning hippocampal activity does not affect long-term consolidation of a context fear memory outside the hippocampus
Neurobiological effects of neonatal maternal separation and post-weaning environmental enrichment
Nicotinic agonist-induced improvement of vigilance in mice in the 5-choice continuous performance test
Characterization of gene–environment interactions by behavioral profiling of selectively bred rats: The effect of NMDA receptor inhibition and social isolation
Cholinergic degeneration is associated with increased plaque deposition and cognitive impairment in APPswe/PS1dE9 mice
Successive bilateral frontal controlled cortical impact injuries show behavioral savings
Ethopharmacological evaluation of the rat exposure test: A prey–predator interaction test
Antagonizing 5-HT2A receptors with M100907 and stimulating 5-HT2C receptors with Ro60–0175 blocks cocaine-induced locomotion and zif268 mRNA expression in Sprague-Dawley rats
Mental transformations of spatial stimuli in humans and in monkeys: Rotation vs. translocation
Effects of nicotine and alcohol on zebrafish ( Danio rerio ) shoaling
Whole body exposure to 2.4 GHz WIFI signals: Effects on cognitive impairment in adult triple transgenic mouse models of Alzheimer's disease (3xTg-AD)