A schizophrenia rat model induced by early postnatal phencyclidine treatment and characterized by Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Role of the gustatory thalamus in taste learning
Low doses of the NMDA receptor antagonists, MK-801, PEAQX, and ifenprodil, induces social facilitation in adolescent male rats
Infusion of cannabidiol into infralimbic cortex facilitates fear extinction via CB1 receptors
Functional connectivity in the brain in joint attention skills using near infrared spectroscopy and imaging
The anxiolytic buspirone shifts coping strategy in novel environmental context of mice with different anxious phenotype
Stress and decision making: A few minutes make all the difference
Intracranial self-stimulation facilitates active-avoidance retention and induces expression of c-Fos and Nurr1 in rat brain memory systems
Withdrawal from chronic nicotine and subsequent sensitivity to nicotine challenge on contextual learning
One-trial object recognition memory in the domestic rabbit ( Oryctolagus cuniculus ) is disrupted by NMDA receptor antagonists
Influence of chronic moderate sleep restriction and exercise training on anxiety, spatial memory, and associated neurobiological measures in mice
Chronic unpredictable mild stress alters an anxiety-related defensive response, Fos immunoreactivity and hippocampal adult neurogenesis
Neural structures underlying set-shifting: Roles of medial prefrontal cortex and anterior cingulate cortex
Differential effects of spaced vs. massed training in long-term object-identity and object-location recognition memory
Functional inactivation of orexin 1 receptors in the cerebellum disrupts trace eyeblink conditioning and local theta oscillations in guinea pigs
Adolescent fluoxetine treatment decreases the effects of neonatal immune activation on anxiety-like behavior in mice
Mosquitofish ( Gambusia affinis ) responds differentially to a robotic fish of varying swimming depth and aspect ratio
Intranasal infusion of melanocortin receptor four (MC4R) antagonist to rats ameliorates development of depression and anxiety related symptoms induced by single prolonged stress
Long-term home cage activity scans reveal lowered exploratory behaviour in symptomatic female Rett mice
Automated home cage assessment shows behavioral changes in a transgenic mouse model of spinocerebellar ataxia type 17
Significant divergences between the temporal structure of the behavior in Wistar and in the spontaneously more anxious DA/Han strain of rats tested in elevated plus maze
Assessing gait impairment after permanent middle cerebral artery occlusion in rats using an automated computer-aided control system
White matter damage is associated with memory decline in chronic alcoholics: A quantitative diffusion tensor tractography study
Motor and cognitive placebo-/nocebo-responses in Parkinson's disease patients with deep brain stimulation
Long-term loss of dopamine release mediated by CRF-1 receptors in the rat lateral septum after repeated cocaine administration
Antinociception induced by motor cortex stimulation: Somatotopy of behavioral response and profile of neuronal activation
Comparison of the therapeutic effects of bone marrow mononuclear cells and microglia for permanent cerebral ischemia
Phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitor sildenafil prevents neuroinflammation, lowers beta-amyloid levels and improves cognitive performance in APP/PS1 transgenic mice
Effect of light on the activity of motor cortex neurons during locomotion
PDE2 and PDE10, but not PDE5, inhibition affect basic auditory information processing in rats
Relationship between sexual satiety and motivation, brain androgen receptors and testosterone in male mandarin voles
Reduced cytochrome oxidase activity in the retrosplenial cortex after lesions to the anterior thalamic nuclei
Involvement of cannabinoid receptors in the amygdala and prefrontal cortex of rats in fear learning, consolidation, retrieval and extinction
Association between DRD2 , 5 - HTTLPR , and ALDH2 genes and specific personality traits in alcohol- and opiate-dependent patients
Splitting of the cerebellar vermis in juvenile rats—Effects on social behavior, vocalization and motor activity
Impact of high and low anxiety trait on object habituation and discrimination: Evidence from selected lines of Japanese quail
Dual-task performance is differentially modulated by rewards and punishments
Anxiogenic-like effect induced by TRPV1 receptor activation within the dorsal periaqueductal gray matter in mice
Beneficial effects of fluoxetine, reboxetine, venlafaxine, and voluntary running exercise in stressed male rats with anxiety- and depression-like behaviors
Switching ability of over trained movements in a Parkinson's disease rat model
Biases in rhythmic sensorimotor coordination: Effects of modality and intentionality
Nesfatin-1 induces Fos expression and elicits dipsogenic responses in subfornical organ
Nobiletin, a citrus flavonoid, ameliorates cognitive impairment, oxidative burden, and hyperphosphorylation of tau in senescence-accelerated mouse