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Munc18-1 haploinsufficiency results in enhanced anxiety-like behavior as determined by heart rate responses in mice
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The effect of the augmentation of cholinergic neurotransmission by nicotine on EEG indices of visuospatial attention
Postnatal maternal separation enhances tonic GABA current of cortical layer 5 pyramidal neurons in juvenile rats and promotes genesis of GABAergic neurons in neocortical molecular layer and subventricular zone in adult rats
Hippocampal lesions in homing pigeons do not impair feature-quality or feature-quantity discrimination
The GABA-synthetic enzyme GAD65 controls circadian activation of conditioned fear pathways
Spatial memory extinction: A c-Fos protein mapping study
Novel behavioural characteristics of female APP Swe / PS1 Δ E9 double transgenic mice
Central effects of ethanol interact with endogenous mu-opioid activity to control isolation-induced analgesia in maternally separated infant rats
Central amygdala opioid transmission is necessary for increased high-fat intake following 24-h food deprivation, but not following intra-accumbens opioid administration
Drug memory substitution during re-consolidation: A single inhibitory autoreceptor apomorphine treatment given during psychostimulant memory re-consolidation replaces psychostimulant conditioning with conditioned inhibition and reverses psychostimulant sensitization
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