A high multivitamin diet fed to Wistar rat dams during pregnancy increases maternal weight gain later in life and alters homeostatic, hedonic and peripheral regulatory systems of energy balance
Sexually-motivated song is predicted by androgen-and opioid-related gene expression in the medial preoptic nucleus of male European starlings ( Sturnus vulgaris )
Stress facilitates late reversal learning using a touchscreen-based visual discrimination procedure in male Long Evans rats
Model of voluntary ethanol intake in zebrafish: Effect on behavior and hypothalamic orexigenic peptides
Immediate and selective maternal brain responses to own infant faces
Contextual fear conditioning modulates hippocampal AMPA-, GluN1- and serotonin receptor 5-HT1A-containing receptor complexes
Structural and functional effects of social isolation on the hippocampus of rats with traumatic brain injury
Litter size reduction alters insulin signaling in the ventral tegmental area and influences dopamine-related behaviors in adult rats
Dissociation between sickness behavior and emotionality during lipopolysaccharide challenge in lymphocyte deficient Rag2−/− mice
Histamine acting on the basolateral amygdala reverts the impairment of aversive memory of rats submitted to neonatal maternal deprivation
Anti-anxiety self-medication in rats: Oral consumption of chlordiazepoxide and ethanol after reward devaluation
Mice lacking chromogranins exhibit increased aggressive and depression-like behaviour
Deficit in sustained attention following selective cholinergic lesion of the pedunculopontine tegmental nucleus in rat, as measured with both post-mortem immunocytochemistry and in vivo PET imaging with [18F]fluoroethoxybenzovesamicol
Repetitive grooming and sensorimotor abnormalities in an ephrin-A knockout model for Autism Spectrum Disorders
Zaprinast impairs spatial memory by increasing PDE5 expression in the rat hippocampus
An fMRI study of behavioral response inhibition in adolescents with and without histories of heavy prenatal alcohol exposure
Do you like Arcimboldo's? Esthetic appreciation modulates brain activity in solving perceptual ambiguity
Long-term betamethasone 21-phosphate disodium treatment has distinct effects in CD1 and DBA/2 mice on animal behavior accompanied by opposite effects on neurogenesis
Relaxin-3 receptor (Rxfp3) gene knockout mice display reduced running wheel activity: Implications for role of relaxin-3/RXFP3 signalling in sustained arousal
Early postpartum pup preference is altered by gestational cocaine treatment: Associations with infant cues and oxytocin expression in the MPOA
Effects of a glycine transporter-1 inhibitor and D-serine on MK-801-induced immobility in the forced swimming test in rats
Chronic administration of amitriptyline differentially alters neuropathic pain-related behaviour in the presence and absence of a depressive-like phenotype
Chemical stimulation or glutamate injections in the nucleus of solitary tract enhance conditioned taste aversion
High maternal choline consumption during pregnancy and nursing alleviates deficits in social interaction and improves anxiety-like behaviors in the BTBR T + Itpr3tf/J mouse model of autism
Obama cares about visuo-spatial attention: Perception of political figures moves attention and determines gaze direction
Top-down modulation of visual and auditory cortical processing in aging
Rearing conditions differently affect the motor performance and cerebellar morphology of prenatally stressed juvenile rats
Sexually dimorphic effects of prenatal exposure to lipopolysaccharide, and prenatal and postnatal exposure to propionic acid, on acoustic startle response and prepulse inhibition in adolescent rats: Relevance to autism spectrum disorders
Astrocyte morphology after ischemic and hemorrhagic experimental stroke has no influence on the different recovery patterns
Comfort for uncertainty in pathological gamblers: A fMRI study
Intra-ventral tegmental area microinjections of urotensin II modulate the effects of cocaine
Cortisol responses to chronic stress in adult macaques: Moderation by a polymorphism in the serotonin transporter gene
Amino acid metabolic dysfunction revealed in the prefrontal cortex of a rat model of depression
Responses of monkey prefrontal neurons during the execution of transverse patterning
Exogenous GM1 ganglioside increases accumbal BDNF levels in rats
The neural circuitry and molecular mechanisms underlying delay and trace eyeblink conditioning in mice
Parsing the intrinsic networks underlying attention: A resting state study
The unidirectional prosaccade switch-cost: Electroencephalographic evidence of task-set inertia in oculomotor control
Cerebral autoregulation in response to posture change in elderly subjects-assessment by wavelet phase coherence analysis of cerebral tissue oxyhemoglobin concentrations and arterial blood pressure signals
Comparison of the effects on brain stimulation reward of D1 blockade or D2 stimulation combined with AMPA blockade in the extended amygdala and nucleus accumbens
Brain structure and cognitive correlates of body mass index in healthy older adults
Evidence for the involvement of extinction-associated inhibitory learning in the forced swimming test
27-Hydroxycholesterol mediates negative effects of dietary cholesterol on cognition in mice
The impact of fornix lesions in rats on spatial learning tasks sensitive to anterior thalamic and hippocampal damage
Updating memories—The role of prediction errors in memory reconsolidation
Antidepressant-like effects of buprenorphine in rats are strain dependent
Changes in cortical, cerebellar and basal ganglia representation after comprehensive long term unilateral hand motor training
Differential effects of α7 nicotinic receptor agonist PHA-543613 on spatial memory performance of rats in two distinct pharmacological dementia models
Behavioral impairments and changes of nitric oxide and inducible nitric oxide synthase in the brains of molarless KM mice
A microstructural analysis of schedule-induced polydipsia reveals incentive-induced hyperactivity in an animal model of ADHD ☆
Peripherally administered oxytocin modulates latent inhibition in a manner consistent with antipsychotic drugs
Delta opioid receptors expressed in forebrain GABAergic neurons are responsible for SNC80-induced seizures
ERP correlates of auditory goal-directed behavior of younger and older adults in a dynamic speech perception task
The effects of energy balance, obesity-proneness and sex on the neuronal response to sweet taste
The effects of Ginkgo biloba extract on cognitive functions in aged female rats: The role of oxidative stress and brain-derived neurotrophic factor
Individual variation in the propensity to attribute incentive salience to a food cue: Influence of sex
Positive reinforcing effect of neurotensin microinjection into the ventral pallidum in conditioned place preference test
Facilitated acquisition of standard but not long delay classical eyeblink conditioning in behaviorally inhibited adolescents
B2 receptor blockage prevents Aβ-induced cognitive impairment by neuroinflammation inhibition
Chronic unpredictable stress during adolescence causes long-term anxiety
Reference and working memory deficits in the 3xTg-AD mouse between 2 and 15-months of age: A cross-sectional study
Prevention of palatable diet-induced hyperphagia in rats by central injection of a VEGFR kinase inhibitor
Neural network activity and neurological soft signs in healthy adults
Neuropeptide-Y modulates eating patterns and masticatory muscle activity in rats
Involvement of the dopaminergic system in the consolidation of fear conditioning in hippocampal CA3 subregion
Gabaergic and opioid receptors mediate the facilitation of NaCl intake induced by α2-adrenergic activation in the lateral parabrachial nucleus
Intracerebroventricular injection of propionic acid, an enteric metabolite implicated in autism, induces social abnormalities that do not differ between seizure-prone (FAST) and seizure-resistant (SLOW) rats
Roles of human hippocampal subfields in retrieval of spatial and temporal context
Juvenile stress alters LTP in ventral hippocampal slices: Involvement of noradrenergic mechanisms
The orexin-1 receptor antagonist SB-334867 decreases anxiety-like behavior and c-Fos expression in the hypothalamus of rats exposed to cat odor
Sub-processes of motor learning revealed by a robotic manipulandum for rodents