Distal motor deficit contributions to postural instability and gait disorder in Parkinson's disease
Protein synthesis is not required for acquisition, consolidation, and extinction of high foot-shock active avoidance training
Memory formation and retention are affected in adult miR-132/212 knockout mice
Cumulative effects of anodal and priming cathodal tDCS on pegboard test performance and motor cortical excitability
Neural correlates of individual differences in fear learning
Interaction of neuropeptidase activities in cortico-limbic regions after acute restraint stress
Experience affects immediate early gene expression in response to conspecific call notes in black-capped chickadees ( Poecile atricapillus )
Bifidobacteria modulate cognitive processes in an anxious mouse strain
Increased palatable food intake and response to food cues in intrauterine growth-restricted rats are related to tyrosine hydroxylase content in the orbitofrontal cortex and nucleus accumbens
Increased latencies to initiate cocaine self-administration following laterodorsal tegmental nucleus lesions
NMDA receptor subunits and associated signaling molecules mediating antidepressant-related effects of NMDA-GluN2B antagonism
The selective positive allosteric M1 muscarinic receptor modulator PQCA attenuates learning and memory deficits in the Tg2576 Alzheimer's disease mouse model
Cognitive bias, hand preference and welfare of common marmosets
Responses of rat medial prefrontal cortical neurons to Pavlovian conditioned stimuli and to delivery of appetitive reward
The serotonin 5-HT1A receptor agonist tandospirone improves executive function in common marmosets
Obesity is marked by distinct functional connectivity in brain networks involved in food reward and salience
Study of antidepressant drugs in GPR39 (zinc receptor−/−) knockout mice, showing no effect of conventional antidepressants, but effectiveness of NMDA antagonists
An isolated retrieval trial before extinction session does not prevent the return of fear
Role of whiskers in sensorimotor development of C57BL/6 mice
Vitamin D3 improves decline in cognitive function and cholinergic transmission in prefrontal cortex of streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats
Interaction of cannabinoid receptor 2 and social environment modulates chronic alcohol consumption
Role of dopamine D1-like receptor within the nucleus accumbens in acute food deprivation- and drug priming-induced reinstatement of morphine seeking in rats
Inhibiting corticosterone synthesis during fear memory formation exacerbates cued fear extinction memory deficits within the single prolonged stress model
Role of basolateral amygdala dopamine D2 receptors in impulsive choice in acute cocaine-treated rats
Ultrasonic vocalizations during intermittent swim stress forecasts resilience in a subsequent juvenile social exploration test of anxiety
Monitoring dopamine transmission in the rat nucleus accumbens shell and core during acquisition of nose-poking for sucrose
Harmonic and frequency modulated ultrasonic vocalizations reveal differences in conditioned and unconditioned reward processing
Melatonin prevents oxidative damage induced by maternal ethanol administration and reduces homocysteine in the cerebellum of rat pups
Cocaine counteracts LPS-induced hypolocomotion and triggers locomotor sensitization expression
Orexin receptor 1 signaling contributes to ethanol binge-like drinking: Pharmacological and molecular evidence
Motor cortex guides selection of predictable movement targets
Brain functional network changes following Prelimbic area inactivation in a spatial memory extinction task
Speech training alters consonant and vowel responses in multiple auditory cortex fields
Behavioural changes observed in demyelination model shares similarities with white matter abnormalities in humans
Intermittent application of hypergravity by centrifugation attenuates disruption of rat gait induced by 2 weeks of simulated microgravity
Effects of age on cognitive control during semantic categorization
Studies on the animal model of post-stroke depression and application of antipsychotic aripiprazole
Gene–environment interaction of reelin and stress in cognitive behaviours in mice: Implications for schizophrenia
Sigma-1 receptor mediates acquisition of alcohol drinking and seeking behavior in alcohol-preferring rats
Antidepressant activity of fluoxetine in the zinc deficiency model in rats involves the NMDA receptor complex
Cortical gyrification and its relationships with cortical volume, cortical thickness, and cognitive performance in healthy mid-life adults