A novel escapable social interaction test reveals that social behavior and mPFC activation during an escapable social encounter are altered by post-weaning social isolation and are dependent on the aggressiveness of the stimulus rat
Altered function in medial prefrontal cortex and nucleus accumbens links to stress-induced behavioral inflexibility
Calcium homeostasis and protein kinase/phosphatase balance participate in nicotine-induced memory improvement in passive avoidance task in mice
Cerebral bases of emotion regulation toward odours: A first approach
Association between FKBP5 and CRHR1 genes with suicidal behavior: A systematic review
Increased symptoms of illness following prenatal stress: Can it be prevented by fluoxetine?
First exposure to an alive conspecific activates septal and amygdaloid nuclei in visually-naïve domestic chicks (Gallus gallus)
The decrease of NMDAR subunit expression and NMDAR EPSC in hippocampus by neonatal exposure to desflurane in mice
Impaired perception of human movements in Parkinson’s disease
Kinematic gait parameters are highly sensitive measures of motor deficits and spinal cord injury in mice subjected to experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis
Early life low intensity stress experience modifies acute stress effects on juvenile brain cell proliferation of European sea bass ( D. Labrax )
Learning and generalization from reward and punishment in opioid addiction
Long-lasting monoaminergic and behavioral dysfunctions in a mice model of socio-environmental stress during adolescence
Altered premotor cortical oscillations during repetitive movement in persons with Parkinson’s disease
Umbelliferone reverses depression-like behavior in chronic unpredictable mild stress-induced rats by attenuating neuronal apoptosis via regulating ROCK/Akt pathway
Roles of hippocampal subfields in verbal and visual episodic memory
The impact of a junk-food diet during development on ‘wanting’ and ‘liking’
Gating at early cortical processing stages is associated with changes in behavioural performance on a sensory conflict task
Differential activation of vasotocin neurons in contexts that elicit aggression and courtship
Dopamine D1 signaling involvement in the effects of the phosphodiesterase 10A inhibitor, PDM-042 on cognitive function and extrapyramidal side effect in rats
Detrimental effect of clomipramine on hippocampus-dependent learning in an animal model of obsessive-compulsive disorder induced by sensitization with d2/d3 agonist quinpirole
NMDAR dependent intracellular responses associated with cocaine conditioned place preference behavior
MUSIC-Expected maximization gaussian mixture methodology for clustering and detection of task-related neuronal firing rates
Acute alcohol exposure increases tyrosine hydroxylase protein expression and dopamine synthesis in zebrafish
Changes in cortico-spinal excitability following uphill versus downhill treadmill exercise
Effects of thalamic hemorrhagic lesions on explicit and implicit learning during the acquisition and retrieval phases in an animal model of central post-stroke pain
Lentinan produces a robust antidepressant-like effect via enhancing the prefrontal Dectin-1/AMPA receptor signaling pathway
Interaction between hippocampal serotonin and cannabinoid systems in reactivity to spatial and object novelty detection
Kynurenine 3-monooxygenase is implicated in antidepressants-responsive depressive-like behaviors and monoaminergic dysfunctions
Neural oscillations as a bridge between glutamatergic system and emotional behaviors in simulated microgravity-induced mice
Searching for signs of aging and dementia in EEG through network analysis
mGlu5 receptor antagonist blocks bromocriptine-induced conditioned place preference in bilateral mesolimbic-lesioned rat
Deficit in emotional learning in neurotrimin knockout mice
Imipramine ameliorates early life stress-induced alterations in synaptic plasticity in the rat lateral amygdala
Prefrontal cortical activity associated with visual stimulus categorization in non-human primates measured with near-infrared spectroscopy
Physical exercise induces hippocampal neurogenesis and prevents cognitive decline
The role of neuropeptide CART in the lateral hypothalamic-ventral tegmental area (LH-VTA) circuit in motivation
Overlapping effects of age on associative memory and the anterior hippocampus from middle to older age
Intracranial self-stimulation also facilitates learning in a visual discrimination task in the Morris water maze in rats
Levo-tetrahydropalmatine inhibits the acquisition of ketamine-induced conditioned place preference by regulating the expression of ERK and CREB phosphorylation in rats
Aging process alters hippocampal and cortical secretase activities of Wistar rats
Neural correlates of sample-coding and reward-coding in the delay activity of neurons in the entopallium and nidopallium caudolaterale of pigeons ( Columba livia )
Behavioural endophenotypes in mice lacking the auxiliary GABAB receptor subunit KCTD16
Behavioral facilitation after hippocampal lesion: A review
Preserved and attenuated electrophysiological correlates of visual spatial attention in elderly subjects
Selective amotivation deficits following chronic psychosocial stress in mice
Reorganization of motor cortex and impairment of motor performance induced by hindlimb unloading are partially reversed by cortical IGF-1 administration
A simple automated system for appetitive conditioning of zebrafish in their home tanks
Brief isoflurane anaesthesia affects differential gene expression, gene ontology and gene networks in rat brain
Anxiolytic properties of N -acetylcysteine in mice
Cognitive correlates of spatial navigation: Associations between executive functioning and the virtual Morris Water Task
Human adipose-derived stem cells ameliorate repetitive behavior, social deficit and anxiety in a VPA-induced autism mouse model
CaV1.3 channel blockade in the extended amygdala has a delayed effect on the reward efficacy of medial forebrain bundle stimulation
A novel synthetic cathinone, 2-(methylamino)-1-(naphthalen-2-yl) propan-1-one (BMAPN), produced rewarding effects and altered striatal dopamine-related gene expression in mice
Analysis of inflammation-induced depression of home cage wheel running in rats reveals the difference between opioid antinociception and restoration of function
Effects of alprazolam and cannabinoid-related compounds in an animal model of panic attack
Melatonin and cortisol profiles in the absence of light perception
Evidence of memory generalization in contextual locomotor sensitization induced by amphetamine
Parents induced- conditioned place preference and the neuronal expression of oxytocin and tyrosine hydroxylase in preweanling female pups
Sensorimotor tests unmask a phenotype in the DYT1 knock-in mouse model of dystonia
Decreasing GABA function within the medial prefrontal cortex or basolateral amygdala decreases sociability
Effects of levodopa on stimulus-response learning versus response selection in healthy young adults
The olfactory bulbectomized rat as a model of depression: The hippocampal pathway
Lack of effect of chronic ketamine administration on depression-like behavior and frontal cortex autophagy in female and male ICR mice
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