Recognition memory-induced gene expression in the perirhinal cortex: A transcriptomic analysis
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Effects of social deprivation on social and depressive-like behaviors and the numbers of oxytocin expressing neurons in rats
Maternal hypomagnesemia alters hippocampal NMDAR subunit expression and programs anxiety-like behaviour in adult offspring
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Pharmacological modulation of metabotropic glutamate receptor subtype 5 and 7 impairs extinction of social fear in a time-point-dependent manner
Effects of chronic prenatal MK-801 treatment on object recognition, cognitive flexibility, and drug-induced locomotor activity in juvenile and adult rat offspring
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Neuroprotective effect of three caffeic acid derivatives via ameliorate oxidative stress and enhance PKA/CREB signaling pathway
Time-source of neural plasticity in complex bimanual coordinative tasks: Juggling
Genetic predisposition to obesity affects behavioural traits including food reward and anxiety-like behaviour in rats
α9-nAChR knockout mice exhibit dysregulation of stress responses, affect and reward-related behaviour
Ovarian hormones modify anxiety behavior and glucocorticoid receptors after chronic social isolation stress
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Time course study of fractional anisotropy in the substantia nigra of a parkinsonian rat model induced by 6-OHDA
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Time-dependent sensitization of antipsychotic effect in adolescent male and female rats
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