Swimming exercise prevents behavioural disturbances induced by an intracerebroventricular injection of amyloid-β1-42 peptide through modulation of cytokine/NF-kappaB pathway and indoleamine-2,3-dioxygenase in mouse brain
Involvement of hippocampal NMDA receptors in encoding and consolidation, but not retrieval, processes of spontaneous object location memory in rats
Bombesin administration impairs memory and does not reverse memory deficit caused by sleep deprivation
Prenatal lipopolysaccharide induces hypothalamic dopaminergic hypoactivity and autistic-like behaviors: Repetitive self-grooming and stereotypies
Two-hit model of schizophrenia induced by neonatal immune activation and peripubertal stress in rats: Study of sex differences and brain oxidative alterations
Comparing the effect of temporal delay on the availability of egocentric and allocentric information in visual search
The influence of a probiotic supplementation on memory in quail suggests a role of gut microbiota on cognitive abilities in birds
Water and T-maze protocols are equally efficient methods to assess spatial memory in 3xTg Alzheimer’s disease mice
Levodopa has primarily negative influences on postural control in patients with Parkinson's disease
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Advances in understanding the pathophysiology of autism spectrum disorders
Neurochemical correlates of functional plasticity in the mature cortex of the brain of rodents
Food and water intake, body temperature and metabolic consequences of interleukin-1β microinjection into the cingulate cortex of the rat
Expression signatures of long non-coding RNA in the substantia nigra of pre-symptomatic mouse model of Parkinson's disease
Body mass is positively associated with neural response to sweet taste, but not alcohol, among drinkers
Short-term caloric restriction exerts neuroprotective effects following mild traumatic brain injury by promoting autophagy and inhibiting astrocyte activation
Increased central dopaminergic activity might be involved in the behavioral abnormality of cuprizone exposure mice
ZENK expression following conspecific and heterospecific playback in the zebra finch auditory forebrain
Neurophysiological insights on flexibility improvements through motor imagery
Prolonged deficits of associative motor learning in cynomolgus monkeys after long-term administration of phencyclidine
Regional differences in dopamine receptor blockade affect timing impulsivity that is altered by d-amphetamine on differential reinforcement of low-rate responding (DRL) behavior in rats
Effects of chronic restraint stress on the global DNA methylation profile of rat lung cells: Modulation by physical exercise
Reduced anxiety-like behavior in transgenic rats with chronically overproduction of angiotensin-(1–7): Role of the Mas receptor
Role of acetylcholine and serotonin in novelty processing using an oddball paradigm
Reward loss and the basolateral amygdala: A function in reward comparisons
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Effect of PICALM rs3851179 polymorphism on the default mode network function in mild cognitive impairment
Role of cholinergic receptors in memory retrieval depends on gender and age of memory
Enriched environment alters the behavioral profile of tenascin-C deficient mice
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Characterization of long-term gait deficits in mouse dMCAO, using the CatWalk system