Chronic mild stress impairs latent inhibition and induces region-specific neural activation in CHL1-deficient mice, a mouse model of schizophrenia
Contextual fear conditioning is enhanced in mice lacking functional sphingosine kinase 2
The lateral parabrachial nucleus and central angiotensinergic mechanisms in the control of sodium intake induced by different stimuli
Hypoxic postconditioning improves behavioural deficits at 6 weeks following hypoxic-ischemic brain injury in neonatal rats
Effect of a change in housing conditions on body weight, behavior and brain neurotransmitters in male C57BL/6J mice
Glibenclamide pretreatment protects against chronic memory dysfunction and glial activation in rat cranial blast traumatic brain injury
HBK-15 protects mice from stress-induced behavioral disturbances and changes in corticosterone, BDNF, and NGF levels
Environmental enrichment attenuates behavioral abnormalities in valproic acid-exposed autism model mice
MMP-2: A modulator of neuronal precursor activity and cognitive and motor behaviors
Disruption of GluA2 phosphorylation potentiates stress responsivity
Dopamine transporter ( DAT1/SLC6A3 ) polymorphism and the association between being born small for gestational age and symptoms of ADHD
Functional brain networks during picture encoding and recognition in different odor contexts
Age-related deficits in the mnemonic similarity task for objects and scenes
Prefrontal mRNA expression of long and short isoforms of D2 dopamine receptor: Possible role in delayed learning deficit caused by early life interleukin-1β treatment
Abnormal cortical-basal ganglia network in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis: A voxel-wise network efficiency analysis
Significance of the nicotinic alpha7 receptor in cognition and antipsychotic-like behavior in the rat
Behavioral activation sensitivity and default mode network-subgenual cingulate cortex connectivity in youth
Evaluating aged mice in three touchscreen tests that differ in visual demands: Impaired cognitive function and impaired visual abilities
Brain infusion of α-synuclein oligomers induces motor and non-motor Parkinson’s disease-like symptoms in mice
Operant responding for optogenetic excitation of LDTg inputs to the VTA requires D1 and D2 dopamine receptor activation in the NAcc
Enhanced limbic/impaired cortical-loop connection onto the hippocampus of NHE rats: Application of resting-state functional connectivity in a preclinical ADHD model
Supplementation with zinc in rats enhances memory and reverses an age-dependent increase in plasma copper
Implicit predictions of future rewards and their electrophysiological correlates
Testing the physiological plausibility of conflicting psychological models of response inhibition: A forward inference fMRI study
Perinatal protein deprivation facilitates morphine cross-sensitization to cocaine and enhances ΔFosB expression in adult rats
The Effect of Methylphenidate on the Microstructure of Schedule-Induced Polydipsia in an animal model of ADHD
The ADRA2B gene in the production of false memories for affective information in healthy female volunteers
Classification of somatosensory cortex activities using fNIRS
Dopamine D3 receptor status modulates sexual dimorphism in voluntary wheel running behavior in mice
Sex differences in somatic and sensory motor development after neonatal anoxia in Wistar rats
The α3β4 nAChR partial agonist AT-1001 attenuates stress-induced reinstatement of nicotine seeking in a rat model of relapse and induces minimal withdrawal in dependent rats
Adolescent social isolation affects schizophrenia-like behavior and astrocyte biomarkers in the PFC of adult rats
Behavioural inflexibility in a comorbid rat model of striatal ischemic injury and mutant hAPP overexpression
Arousal and drug abuse
Implicit self-other discrimination affects the interplay between multisensory affordances of mental representations of faces
Chronic cerebral hypoperfusion independently exacerbates cognitive impairment within the pathopoiesis of Parkinson’s disease via microvascular pathologys
Convergence of glycogen synthase kinase 3β and GR signaling in response to fluoxetine treatment in chronically stressed female and male rats
Pleasant and unpleasant odour-face combinations influence face and odour perception: An event-related potential study
Gross motor ability predicts response to upper extremity rehabilitation in chronic stroke