D1 receptor blockade stereospecifically impairs the acquisition of drug-conditioned place preference and place aversion
Chronic morphine affects working memory during treatment and withdrawal in rats
Persistence of tolerance to effects of cocaine on schedule-controlled behavior in pigeons
Blockade of the discriminative stimulus effects of d-amphetamine in rhesus monkeys with serotonin 5-HT1A agonists
Effect of the competitive NMDA antagonist, CGP 40 116, and a low dose of L-Dopa on the motor activity deficit of MPTP-treated mice
Behavioral effects of acute and chronic cocaine administration in male and female rats
Parametric studies of selective D1 or D2 antagonists
Genetic differences in the locomotor response to single and daily doses of phencyclidine in inbred mouse strains
Discriminative stimulus effects of combinations of drug and visual stimuli in pigeons
Flumazenil antagonizes the effect of diazepam on negative contrast in one-way avoidance learning
Evidence that tolerance to the anxiogenic-like effects of mCPP does not involve alteration in the function of 5-HT2C receptors in the rat choroid plexus
Acknowledgement of Reviewers for 1994
Behavioural Pharmacology Author Index to Volume 5