Editorial–Behavioural Pharmacology of Cannabinoids
Announcement of the 2006 Special Issue: Behavioural Aspects of Neurodegeneration and Neuroprotection
Current evidence supporting a role of cannabinoid CB1 receptor (CB1R) antagonists as potential pharmacotherapies for drug abuse disorders
Endocannabinoids in the regulation of appetite and body weight
A role for cannabinoid CB1 receptors in mood and anxiety disorders
Is there a role for the endocannabinoid system in the etiology and treatment of melancholic depression?
Behavioural and neuroendocrine effects of cannabinoids in critical developmental periods
SR 141716A differentially attenuates the behavioral effects of Δ9-THC in rhesus monkeys
Δ9-THC induced hyperphagia and tolerance assessment: interactions between the CB1 receptor agonist Δ9-THC and the CB1 receptor antagonist SR-141716 (rimonabant) in rats
The role of CB1 receptors in sweet versus fat reinforcement: effect of CB1 receptor deletion, CB1 receptor antagonism (SR141716A) and CB1 receptor agonism (CP-55940)
Differential effects of two cannabinoid receptor agonists on progressive ratio responding for food and free-feeding in rats
Persistent anxiogenic effects of a single or repeated doses of cocaine and methamphetamine: interactions with endogenous cannabinoid receptor ligands
Anxiogenic profile of AM-251, a selective cannabinoid CB1 receptor antagonist, in plus-maze-naïve and plus-maze-experienced mice
Cannabinoid CB1 receptor dependent effects of the NMDA antagonist phencyclidine in the social withdrawal model of schizophrenia
Long-term behavioural and neuroendocrine effects of perinatal activation or blockade of CB1 cannabinoid receptors
Differential response to acute and repeated stress in cannabinoid CB1 receptor knockout newborn and adult mice
Behavioural effects of quinpirole following withdrawal of chronic treatment with the CB1 agonist, HU-210, in rats
Behavioral effects in adult rats of chronic prepubertal treatment with the cannabinoid receptor agonist WIN 55,212-2
Impaired learning in adulthood following neonatal Δ9-THC exposure
Behaviorally relevant endocannabinoid action in hippocampus: dependence on temporal summation of multiple inputs
Cannabis ‘dependence’ and attentional bias for cannabis-related words
The novel cannabinoid agonist AM 411 produces a biphasic effect on accuracy in a visual target detection task in rats
Neurophysiological and subjective profile of marijuana with varying concentrations of cannabinoids
Behavioral pharmacological properties of a novel cannabinoid 1′,1′-dithiolane Δ8-THC analog, AMG-3