Cognitive effects of creatine ethyl ester supplementation
Intradorsal hippocampal microinjection of lithium reverses morphine-induced impairment of memory in mice: interactions with dopamine receptor mechanism(s)
Effect of D1-like and D2-like receptor antagonists on methamphetamine and 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine self-administration in rats
Prior chronic cocaine exposure in mice induces persistent alterations in cognitive function
ABA chronic dosing of D-amphetamine produces differential drug effects in two variants of a temporal discrimination procedure in pigeons
Novel approach to data analysis in cocaine-conditioned place preference
Sex differences in reinforcing value of caffeinated beverages in adolescents
The duration of nicotine-induced attentional enhancement in the five-choice serial reaction time task: lack of long-lasting cognitive improvement
Ranolazine attenuates behavioral signs of neuropathic pain
Citalopram enhances cocaine's subjective effects in rats
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