Repeated resveratrol administration confers lasting protection against neuronal damage but induces dose-related alterations of behavioral impairments after global ischemia
The peripheral L-arginine–nitric oxide–cyclic GMP pathway and ATP-sensitive K+ channels are involved in the antinociceptive effect of crotalphine on neuropathic pain in rats
Influence of sigma-1 receptor modulators on ethanol-induced conditioned place preference in the extinction–reinstatement model
Effects of developmental nicotine exposure in rats on decision-making in adulthood
Environmental enrichment protects against the acquisition of cocaine self-administration in adult male rats, but does not eliminate avoidance of a drug-associated saccharin cue
Altered spatial learning and delay discounting in a rat model of human third trimester binge ethanol exposure
Contextual and behavioral control of antipsychotic sensitization induced by haloperidol and olanzapine
Intrahippocampal injection of brain-derived neurotrophic factor increases anxiety-related, but not panic-related defensive responses : involvement of serotonin
Comparison of nafadotride, CNQX, and haloperidol on acquisition versus expression of amphetamine-conditioned place preference in rats
Diphenyl diselenide ameliorates cognitive deficits induced by a model of menopause in rats
Maternal ethanol consumption by pregnant guinea pigs causes neurobehavioral deficits and increases ethanol preference in offspring
Non-Δ9tetrahydrocannabinol phytocannabinoids stimulate feeding in rats