Hippocampal nNOS inhibition induces an antidepressant-like effect : involvement of 5HT1A receptors
Involvement of the CA1 GABAA receptors in MK-801-induced anxiolytic-like effects : an isobologram analysis
Individual differences in risk-related behaviors and voluntary alcohol intake in outbred Wistar rats
Glucocorticoid receptor antagonism disrupts the reconsolidation of social reward-related memories in rats
S1RA, a selective sigma-1 receptor antagonist, inhibits inflammatory pain in the carrageenan and complete Freund’s adjuvant models in mice
Developmentally vitamin D-deficient rats show enhanced prepulse inhibition after acute Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol
Anticonvulsive effect of nonimidazole histamine H3 receptor antagonists
Δ9-THC exposure attenuates aversive effects and reveals appetitive effects of K2/‘Spice’ constituent JWH-018 in mice