Comparison of the Short- and Long-Lasting Effects of Perforant Path Kindling on Radial Maze Learning

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The present experiment compared the long-lasting with the short-lasting effects of kindling the perforant path input to the hippocampal formation on the acquisition of two radial maze tasks. Animals in the long-term group were fully kindled (i.e., Stage 5 motor seizures were evoked) prior to a stimulation-free training period. Animals in the short-term group were kindled 30–45 min prior to each learning trial. A third group of animals served as controls and were never kindled. On both 8-arm and 4/8-arm radial maze tasks, learning impairments were apparent only in the short-term group. Thus, the impaired learning is more likely related to the short-term aftereffects of an afterdischarge than to any long-term alterations in the neuronal status of the brain caused by kindling.

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