Olfactory Conditioned Partner Preference in the Female Rat

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Paced copulation induces conditioned place preference in female rats. The authors examined whether associating almond-scented males with paced copulation induces conditioned partner preference. The paired group received 4 paced copulations with almond-scented males and 4 nonpaced copulations with unscented males sequentially at 4-day intervals. The unpaired group received the opposite order of association, whereas the randomly paired group received random associations. A 4th group received a single pairing. On the final test, females were placed into an open field with 2 males, 1 scented and 1 unscented. Females in the paired group solicited the scented male more frequently, and most chose the scented male for their 1st ejaculation. Thus, an odor paired with paced copulation elicits conditioned partner preference in female rats.

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