The potential suitability of Jiangsu Province, east China for the invasive red imported fire ant,Solenopsis invicta

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The red imported fire ant Solenopsis invicta Buren (RIFA), an invasive pest that has diverse detrimental impacts on the communities it invades, was recently discovered in China and has the potential to colonize numerous other regions. Using the model of Korzukhin et al. as modified by Morrison et al. and the biological and ecological characteristics of RIFA, we show that Jiangsu Province is a potentially suitable establishment area of RIFA. An isotherm map made by ArcMap, a Geographic Information System, indicated that several regions of Jiangsu Province (Changzhou, Liyang, Wuxian Dongshan, Nanjing and Lvsi) are at higher risk of S. invicta infestation, especially from late July and early August. Quarantine officials should be vigilant for any accidental introductions of this pest in the susceptible regions and time.

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