Simultaneous determination of three phenylethanoid glycosides fromCallicarpae Caulis et Foliumin rat plasma by LC–MS/MS and its application to PK study

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Callicarpae Caulis et Folium (CCF) is a traditional Chinese medicine usually used for hemostasis in clinics. In this study, a novel LC–MS/MS method was developed and validated for the simultaneous quantification of three phenylethanoid glycosides in rat plasma (verbascoside, forsythoside B and poliumoside), which are the major bioactive compounds of CCF; MS was operated in negative mode.


This method was linear between 5.2 and 1010 ng/ml for poliumoside, 7.0 and 420 ng/ml for forsythoside B and 2.60 and 260.0 ng/ml for verbascoside. The MS/MS ion transitions monitored were m/z 769.4→160.5, m/z 755.3→593.3, m/z 623.1→160.5 and m/z 179.0→133.6 for poliumoside, forsythoside B, verbascoside and caffeic acid (IS), respectively. Linearity, accuracy, precision and extraction recovery of three analytes were all satisfactory.


The method developed was sensitive, specific and rapid. It has been successfully applied in a PK study of three phenylethanoid glycosides after a single oral administration of CCF extract to rats.

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