Assessment of cardiovascular disease risk using immunosensors for determination of C-reactive protein levels in serum and saliva: a pilot study

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Disposable immunosensors based on field effect transistors with single-walled carbon nanotubes (NTFET) were applied for the first time to clinical samples of undiluted blood serum and saliva for the determination of C-reactive protein (CRP), and validated by comparison with ELISA.


The NTFET showed comparable analytical performance with the ELISA when applied to clinical samples, which means that NTFET can be used as an alternative to ELISA. Also, a high correlation between the serum and salivary CRP levels was found with the NTFET, which means that saliva could be used based on a noninvasive sampling as an alternative fluid to blood serum. The establishment of a new range of CRP levels based on saliva was also found.


The monitoring of CRP in saliva samples by disposable immunosensors could be a valuable approach for the improvement of healthcare services, considering the worldwide increased incidence of cardiovascular diseases.

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