Preface to the 2013 Special Focus Issue of Bioanalysis on high-resolution MS
Looking beyond the SRM to high-resolution MS paradigm shift for DMPK studies
High-resolution MS: first choice for peptide quantification?
Metabotype analysis for personalized biology: a new bioanalytical territory for high-resolution MS
Personal Genome Diagnostics licenses genome-mapping technology
The Institute of Cancer Research grant license to Oxford Gene Technology
AB SCIEX and LECO enter into partnership to combine GC–MS and LC–MS services
Thermo Fisher Scientific to partner with the University of Birmingham
Pharmaceutical Product Development, LLC to expand its current GMP cell-based assay laboratory
Recognizing the potential benefits and pitfalls of high-resolution MS
Do we need high-resolution MS in forensic and clinical toxicology?
Software automation tools for increased throughput metabolic soft-spot identification in early drug discovery
Large-molecule quantification: sensitivity and selectivity head-to-head comparison of triple quadrupole with Q-TOF
Expedient data mining for nontargeted high-resolution LC–MS profiles of biological samples
Exploring the utility of high-resolution MS with post-acquisition data mining for simultaneous exogenous and endogenous metabolite profiling
Method development and validation of six bile acids for regulated bioanalysis: improving selectivity and sensitivity
Performance assessment of microflow LC combined with high-resolution MS in bioanalysis
Applications of high-resolution MS in bioanalysis
High-resolution MS in regulated bioanalysis: where are we now and where do we go from here?
Data acquisition and data mining techniques for metabolite identification using LC coupled to high-resolution MS
High-resolution MS for structural characterization of protein therapeutics: advances and future directions