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▪ Vaughn Miller, Agilent Technologies, Wakefield, MA, USA vaughn.miller@agilent.com
▪ Ronald Shoup, AIT Bioscience, LLC, IN, USA rshoup@aitbioscience.com
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Bioanalytical outsourcing: the two sides of the medal
Evaluation and subsequent minimization of matrix effects caused by phospholipids in LC–MS analysis of biological samples
Identification of drug metabolites in human plasma or serum integrating metabolite prediction, LC–HRMS and untargeted data processing
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The effect of hematocrit on bioanalysis of DBS: results from the EBF DBS-microsampling consortium
In-depth study of homogeneity in DBS using two different techniques: results from the EBF DBS-microsampling consortium
Dried blood spots in bioanalysis of antimalarials: relevance and challenges in quantitative assessment of antimalarial drugs
State-of-the-art dried blood spot analysis: an overview of recent advances and future trends