Special Focus Issue: Bioanalysis of Large Molecules by LC–MS
Quantification of biotherapeutic targets: new opportunities with immunoaffinity LC–MS/MS
Can LC–MS/MS and ligand-binding assays live in harmony for large-molecule bioanalysis?
Validation of LC–MS/MS bioanalytical methods for protein therapeutics
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Application of high-resolution MS in the quantification of a therapeutic monoclonal antibody in human plasma
A multiplexed hybrid LC–MS/MS pharmacokinetic assay to measure two co-administered monoclonal antibodies in a clinical study
Quantification of human mAbs in mouse tissues using generic affinity enrichment procedures and LC–MS detection
Minimalistic sample preparation strategies for LC–MS quantification of large molecule biopharmaceuticals: a case study highlighting alpha-1 antitrypsin protein
The integration of ligand binding and LC-MS-based assays into bioanalytical strategies for protein analysis
Quantitation of human peptides and proteins via MS: review of analytically validated assays
Applications of low-flow LC–SRM for the analysis of large molecules in pharmaceutical R&D