The Eleventh European Congress on Biotechnology, Basel, Switzerland, August 26, 2003
Electrochemical Regeneration of Oxidoreductases for Cell-free Biocatalytic Redox Reactions
Recent Developments in NAD(P)H Regeneration for Enzymatic Reductions in One- and Two-Phase Systems
Continuous Enzymatic Regeneration of Electron Acceptors Used by Flavoenzymes: Cellobiose Dehydrogenase-Catalyzed Production of Lactobionic Acid as an Example
Catalytic Efficiency of some Mediators in Laccase-Catalyzed Alcohol Oxidation
Chemical and Enzymatic Synthetic Methods for Asymmetric Oxidation of the C―C Double Bond
Structure and Function of Amino Acid Ammonia-lyases
Novel Biocatalysts by Identification and Design