Biochemical and Genetic Polymorphisms for Carboxylesterase and Acetylesterase in Grape Clones of Vitis vinifera L. (Vitaceae) Cultivars

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Native polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (PAGE) was employed to show the highest number of esterase loci and to detect α- and β-esterase polymorphisms in leaf buds of Vitis vinifera cultivars. A total of 16 esterase isozymes were detected in leaf buds from 235 plants including Italia, Rubi, Benitaka, and Brasil cultivars. Biochemical characterization of the grape esterases using ester substrates revealed α-, β-, and α/β-esterases with inhibitor tests distinguishing both carboxylesterases (EST-2, EST-3, EST-5, EST-6, EST-7, EST-8, EST-9, EST-10, and EST-16 isozymes) and acetylesterases (EST-4, EST-11, EST-12, EST-13, EST-14, EST-15 isozymes). No allele variation for α-, β-, and α/β-esterases was detected; however, EST-3 α-carboxylesterase was absent in 61.7% of vines, and EST-4 α/β-acetylesterase was absent in one vine of Rubi cv. Null EST-3 carboxylesterase phenotype (61.7%) cannot be explained in this article, but the high genetic polymorphism in four V. vinifera clones is a positive aspect for genetic selection and development of new clones with different characteristics.

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