RAPD Analysis of DNA Polymorphism in Turkish Sheep Breeds

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The genetic diversity and phylogenetic relationships of 108 individual sheep from three Turkish sheep breeds (Kıvırcık, Gökçeada, and Sakız) were studied using RAPD analysis. Polymorphisms within and between populations were assayed using 15 random primers, and 82 loci were amplified ranging from 250 to 2,500 bp. The percentage of polymorphic loci was found to be 80.49, 78.05, and 73.17%, for Kıvırcık, Gökçeada, and Sakız sheep breeds, respectively. Total genetic diversity was 0.2265, and the average coefficient of genetic differentiation was 0.1181. Genetically, the Gökçeada breed was more closely related to the Sakız breed than to the Kıvırcık breed.

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