A unique central tryptophan hydroxylase isoform
Novel roles for palmitoylation of Ras in IL-1β-induced nitric oxide release and caspase 3 activation in insulin-secreting β cells
Induction of apoptosis without redox catastrophe by thioredoxin-inhibitory compounds
Antioxidant perturbations in the olfactory mucosa of alachlor-treated rats
Spin trapping of superoxide, alkyl- and lipid-derived radicals with derivatives of the spin trap EPPN
Molecular mechanism of the enzymatic oxidation investigated for imidazoacridinone antitumor drug, C-1311
Adenosine stimulation of the proliferation of colorectal carcinoma cell lines : Roles of cell density and adenosine metabolism
l-Deprenyl as an inhibitor of menadione-induced permeability transition in liver mitochondria
Identification and characterization of mechanistically distinct inducers of γ-globin transcription
(−)-Epigallocatechin gallate causes oxidative damage to isolated and cellular DNA
Bcl-2 overexpression prevents daunorubicin-induced apoptosis through inhibition of XIAP and Akt degradation
Aggravation of l-DOPA-induced neurotoxicity by tetrahydropapaveroline in PC12 cells
Induction by staurosporine of hepatocyte growth factor production in human skin fibroblasts independent of protein kinase inhibition
Chemically modified tetracyclines selectively inhibit IL-6 expression in osteoblasts by decreasing mRNA stability
Inhibition of lipopolysaccharide-induced nitric oxide production by flavonoids in RAW264.7 macrophages involves heme oxygenase-1
Characterisation of C5a receptor agonists from phage display libraries
Novel chemoattractant peptides for human leukocytes
Fangchinoline inhibits rat aortic vascular smooth muscle cell proliferation and cell cycle progression through inhibition of ERK1/2 activation and c- fos expression
Sphingosine 1-phosphate induces CREB activation in rat cerebral artery via a protein kinase C-mediated inhibition of voltage-gated K+ channels
Influence of lidocaine on ouabain-induced inotropic response in rat atria