Allosteric modulation of ligand-gated ion channels
Inhibition of Sp1 activity by a decoy PNA–DNA chimera prevents urokinase receptor expression and migration of breast cancer cells
The ribonucleotide reductase subunit M2B subcellular localization and functional importance for DNA replication in physiological growth of KB cells
A novel LXR-α activator identified from the natural product Gynostemma pentaphyllum
Contrasting effects of insulin and cellular differentiation on expression of the novel insulin receptor substrate APS in skeletal muscle
Interferon-γ-induced STAT1-mediated membrane retention of NHE1 and associated proteins ezrin, radixin and moesin in HT-29 cells
Distinct effects of N -ethylmaleimide on formyl peptide- and cyclopiazonic acid-induced Ca2+ signals through thiol modification in neutrophils
New class of linoleic acid metabolites biosynthesized by corn and rice lipoxygenases: Suppression of proinflammatory mediator expression via attenuation of MAPK- and Akt-, but not PPARγ-, dependent pathways in stimulated macrophages
A comparison of the cyclooxygenase inhibitor-NO donors (CINOD), NMI-1182 and AZD3582, using in vitro biochemical and pharmacological methods
Inhibition of LPS-induced NO production by taurine chloramine in macrophages is mediated though Ras-ERK-NF-κB
The protection of bioenergetic functions in mitochondria by new synthetic chromanols
Neuroprotective effects of TEMPOL in central and peripheral nervous system models of Parkinson's disease
Radioligand binding studies of caloporoside and novel congeners with contrasting effects upon [35S] TBPS binding to the mammalian GABAA receptor
Effect of prolonged exposure to milnacipran on norepinephrine transporter in cultured bovine adrenal medullary cells
Genipin-induced apoptosis in hepatoma cells is mediated by reactive oxygen species/c-Jun NH2-terminal kinase-dependent activation of mitochondrial pathway
Serum thymic factor, FTS, attenuates cisplatin nephrotoxicity by suppressing cisplatin-induced ERK activation