The powerful cardioprotective effects of urocortin and the corticotropin releasing hormone (CRH) family
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Volume-activated chloride channels contribute to cell-cycle-dependent regulation of HeLa cell migration
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Suppression of β-catenin signaling by liver X receptor ligands
Rho-kinase inhibitors decrease TGF-β-stimulated VEGF synthesis through stress-activated protein kinase/c-Jun N-terminal kinase in osteoblasts
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Human carboxylesterases HCE1 and HCE2: Ontogenic expression, inter-individual variability and differential hydrolysis of oseltamivir, aspirin, deltamethrin and permethrin †
Retinoic acid modulates retinaldehyde dehydrogenase 1 gene expression through the induction of GADD153-C/EBPβ interaction
Expression and functional characterization of cytochrome P450 26A1, a retinoic acid hydroxylase †
Identification of functional bradykinin B2 receptors endogenously expressed in HEK293 cells
Interleukin 10 deficiency exacerbates halothane induced liver injury by increasing interleukin 8 expression and neutrophil infiltration