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Liver X receptor modulators: Effects on lipid metabolism and potential use in the treatment of atherosclerosis
Trichostatin A sensitizes human ovarian cancer cells to TRAIL-induced apoptosis by down-regulation of c-FLIPL via inhibition of EGFR pathway
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Denbinobin inhibits nuclear factor-κB and induces apoptosis via reactive oxygen species generation in human leukemic cells
Gene expression profiling of leukemia T-cells resistant to methotrexate and 7-hydroxymethotrexate reveals alterations that preserve intracellular levels of folate and nucleotide biosynthesis
Identification of metabolites of meisoindigo in rat, pig and human liver microsomes by UFLC-MS/MS
Transport of guanidine compounds by human organic cation transporters, hOCT1 and hOCT2
Effects of the anthelmintic drug PF1022A on mammalian tissue and cells
Corrigendum to “Interleukin 10 deficiency exacerbates halothane induced liver injury by increasing interleukin 8 expression and neutrophil infiltration” [Biochem. Pharmacol 77 (2009) 277-284],