Disposition of everolimus in mdr1a-/1b- mice and after a pre-treatment of lapatinib in Swiss mice

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Graphical abstractLapatinib increases 2.5-fold everolimus AUC in mice. A 38.5% decrease of P-gp expression was observed in duodenum with a lapatinib pre-treatment. An inhibition of CYP 450 could not be excluded.The aim of this study was to document the in vivo transport of everolimus (inhibitor of mTOR) by P-glycoprotein (P-gp), and to investigate the influence of lapatinib (inhibitor of P-gp) on everolimus disposition.Pharmacokinetics of everolimus (0.25 mg/kg) has been investigated after oral administration in mdr1a-/1b- mice compared to the wild type. Also, everolimus pharmacokinetics was characterized after oral administration on Swiss mice either alone or after 2 days of pre-treatment of lapatinib (200 mg/kg). The influence of lapatinib pre-treatment on intestinal P-gp expression was investigated by Western blot analysis. The non-compartimental analysis was performed using Winonlin® professional version 4.1 software (Pharsight, Mountain View, CA). The areas under the plasma concentration-time curve (AUC) were compared using Bailer's method.A significant 1.3-fold increase of everolimus AUC observed in mdr1a-/1b- mice suggested that everolimus is transported in vivo by intestinal P-gp in mice. In addition, a 2.6-fold significant increase of everolimus AUC with lapatinib pre-treatment as compared with the everolimus alone group was noticed. The elimination half-life was comparable (t1/2 = 5.3 h vs. t1/2 = 4 h). A 38.5% significant decrease of P-gp expression was observed in duodenum segment in lapatinib pre-treated group as compared with control group.In conclusion, lapatinib enhanced everolimus absorption by decreasing intestinal P-gp expression. An inhibition of CYP 450 could not be excluded. These results confirm the necessity of a therapeutic monitoring of everolimus combined with an inhibitor of the P-gp and CYP 450 like lapatinib in a future anti-tumor treatment.

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