Exosomes as intercellular signalosomes and pharmacological effectors
The angiogenic process as a therapeutic target in cancer
Cudratricusxanthone G inhibits human colorectal carcinoma cell invasion by MMP-2 down-regulation through suppressing activator protein-1 activity
KS900: A hypoxia-directed, reductively activated methylating antitumor prodrug that selectively ablates O6-alkylguanine-DNA alkyltransferase in neoplastic cells
4-Methylcatechol-induced oxidative stress induces intrinsic apoptotic pathway in metastatic melanoma cells
Extracellular nucleotide derivatives protect cardiomyocytes against hypoxic stress
MG132 treatment attenuates cardiac remodeling and dysfunction following aortic banding in rats via the NF-κB/TGFβ1 pathway
A farnesylated G-protein suppresses Akt phosphorylation in INS 832/13 cells and normal rat islets: Regulation by pertussis toxin and PGE2
Distinct pharmacological properties of morphine metabolites at Gi-protein and β-arrestin signaling pathways activated by the human μ-opioid receptor
Critical selection of reliable reference genes for gene expression study in the HepaRG cell line