Extraneuronal activities and regulatory mechanisms of the atypical cyclin-dependent kinase Cdk5
Cognitive enhancement by pharmacological and behavioral interventions: the murine Down syndrome model
Human UDP-glucuronosyltransferases: Feedback loops between substrates and ligands of their transcription factors
Copper influx transporter 1 is required for FGF, PDGF and EGF-induced MAPK signaling
A motif within the N-terminal domain of TSP-1 specifically promotes the proangiogenic activity of endothelial colony-forming cells
Store-independent pathways for cytosolic STIM1 clustering in the regulation of store-operated Ca2+ influx
Quercetin and its metabolites improve vessel function by inducing eNOS activity via phosphorylation of AMPK
Sildenafil stimulates the expression of gaseous monoxide-generating enzymes in vascular smooth muscle cells via distinct signaling pathways
Effects of commonly used protein kinase inhibitors on vascular contraction and L-type Ca2+ current
Nitric oxide-dependent bradycardia in mutant analbuminemic rats
Enhanced expression of organic anion transporting polypeptides (OATPs) in androgen receptor-positive prostate cancer cells: Possible role of OATP1A2 in adaptive cell growth under androgen-depleted conditions
Kynurenic acid inhibits glutamatergic transmission to CA1 pyramidal neurons via α7 nAChR-dependent and -independent mechanisms
Potential for food–drug interactions by dietary phenolic acids on human organic anion transporters 1 (SLC22A6), 3 (SLC22A8), and 4 (SLC22A11)
Interaction of the antiviral drug telaprevir with renal and hepatic drug transporters
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