Nous Sommes Tous des Bacteries: Implications for medicine, pharmacology and public health
Sphingosine-1-phosphate receptors as emerging targets for treatment of pain
Hypoxia, Mn-SOD and H2O2 regulate p53 reactivation and PRIMA-1 toxicity irrespective of p53 status in human breast cancer cells
Apigenin induces DNA damage through the PKCδ-dependent activation of ATM and H2AX causing down-regulation of genes involved in cell cycle control and DNA repair
Identification of novel Sp1 targets involved in proliferation and cancer by functional genomics
Knockdown of stromal interaction molecule 1 (STIM1) suppresses store-operated calcium entry, cell proliferation and tumorigenicity in human epidermoid carcinoma A431 cells
2-Deoxy-D-glucose cooperates with arsenic trioxide to induce apoptosis in leukemia cells: Involvement of IGF-1R-regulated Akt/mTOR, MEK/ERK and LKB-1/AMPK signaling pathways
The anticancer multi-kinase inhibitor dovitinib also targets topoisomerase I and topoisomerase II
The PPARδ-mediated inhibition of angiotensin II-induced premature senescence in human endothelial cells is SIRT1-dependent
Rosuvastatin reduces platelet recruitment by inhibiting NADPH oxidase activation
The (pro)renin receptor ((P)RR) can act as a repressor of Wnt signalling
ABCC2 is involved in the hepatocyte perinuclear barrier for small organic compounds
Metformin reduces airway inflammation and remodeling via activation of AMP-activated protein kinase
Mast cell apoptosis induced by siramesine, a sigma-2 receptor agonist
Beta-D-glucoside protects against advanced glycation end products (AGEs)-mediated diabetic responses by suppressing ERK and inducing PPAR gamma DNA binding
Monkey liver cytochrome P450 2C19 is involved in R - and S -warfarin 7-hydroxylation
Rat CYP24A1 acts on 20-hydroxyvitamin D3 producing hydroxylated products with increased biological activity
Corrigendum to “A novel fibrinogenase from Agkistrodon acutus venom protects against DIC via direct degradation of thrombosis and activation of protein C” [Biochem. Pharmacol. 84 (2012) 905–913],