Cancer-type-specific crosstalk between autophagy, necroptosis and apoptosis as a pharmacological target
Tubulin-binding agents down-regulate matrix metalloproteinase-2 and -9 in human hormone-refractory prostate cancer cells – A critical role of Cdk1 in mitotic entry
Tissue kallikrein is required for the cardioprotective effect of Cyclosporin A in myocardial ischemia in the mouse
Intestinal interleukin-10 mobilization as a contributor to the anti-arthritis effect of orally administered madecassoside: A unique action mode of saponin compounds with poor bioavailability
Protection of vascular endothelial cells from high glucose-induced cytotoxicity by emodin
Hepatocyte nuclear factor (HNF) 4α transactivation of cytochrome P450 (Cyp) 2d40 promoter is enhanced during pregnancy in mice