DNases and apoptosis
Molecular correlates of the action of bis(ethyl)polyamines in breast cancer cell growth inhibition and apoptosis
Stress-relaxation and contraction of a collagen matrix induces expression of TGF-β and triggers apoptosis in dermal fibroblasts
Disruption of LT-antigen/p53 complex by heat treatment correlates with inhibition of DNA synthesis during transforming infection with SV40
Effect of pineal indoles on activities of the antioxidant defense enzymes superoxide dismutase, catalase, and glutathione reductase, and levels of reduced and oxidized glutathione in rat tissues
Identification and characterization of gelatin-cleavage activities in the apically located extracellular matrix of the sea urchin embryo
Lectins from bulbs of the Chinese daffodil Narcissus tazetta (family Amaryllidaceae)
Divergent responses of ras-transfected and non-ras-transfected human keratinocytes to extracellular calcium
The ZF87/MAZ transcription factor functions as a growth suppressor in fibroblasts
Reversible changes in size of cell nuclei isolated from Amoeba proteus : Role of the cytoskeleton
Kidney proximal tubule cells : Epithelial cells without EGTA-extractable annexins?
Contractile elements of Lemna trisulca L. glycerinated cell models during chloroplast translocations
Expression of heat shock protein 47(Hsp47) mRNA levels in rabbit connective tissues during the response to injury and in pregnancy
Characterization of the interaction of recombinant apolipoprotein(a) with modified fibrinogen surfaces and fibrin clots
Transforming growth factor β1 selectively regulates ferritin gene expression in malignant H-ras-transformed fibrosarcoma cell lines