Array analysis of the genes regulated during neuronal differentiation of human embryonal cells
β1 integrin-extracellular matrix protein interaction modulates the migratory response to chemokine stimulation
Intermediate filaments modulation in an in vitro model of the hepatic stellate cell activation or conversion into the lipocyte phenotype
Palmitic acid uptake by the rat soleus muscle in vitro
Contact-activated migration of melanoma B16 and sarcoma XC cells
Yap1 overproduction restores arsenite resistance to the ABC transporter deficient mutant ycf1 by activating ACR3 expression
Helicobacter pylori from asymptomatic hosts expressing heptoglycan but lacking Lewis O-chains
Characterization of matrix metalloprotease activities induced in the sea urchin extraembryonic matrix, the hyaline layer
Processing of the insulin-like growth factor-II–mannose 6-phosphate receptor in isolated liver subcellular fractions
Folding pathway for partially folded rabbit muscle creatine kinase
Deglycosylated ceruloplasmin maintains its enzymatic, antioxidant, cardioprotective, and neuronoprotective properties
Purification and characterization of cholesterol sulfotransferase from rat skin
Repeated exposures of human skin equivalent to low doses of ultraviolet-B radiation lead to changes in cellular functions and accumulation of cyclobutane pyrimidine dimers
Contribution of leucine 85 to the structure and function of Saccharomyces cerevisiae iso-1 cytochrome c
Induction of apoptosis in HT29 human intestinal epithelial cells by the cytotoxic enterotoxin of Aeromonas hydrophila