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The physiology of lactoferrin
Lactoferrin gene expression and regulation
Detection of exon polymorphisms in the human lactoferrin gene
Methoxychlor stimulates the mouse lactoferrin gene promoter through a GC-rich element
Lactoferrin and transferrin
Studies of the ceruloplasmin-lactoferrin complex
Ca2+ binding to bovine lactoferrin enhances protein stability and influences the release of bacterial lipopolysaccharide
Towards a structure-function analysis of bovine lactoferricin and related tryptophan- and arginine-containing peptides
Important structural features of 15-residue lactoferricin derivatives and methods for improvement of antimicrobial activity
Characterization of mammalian receptors for lactoferrin
Bacterial lactoferrin receptors
Lactoferrin-binding proteins in Bifidobacterium bifidum
Lactoferrin and host defense
Bovine lactoferrin and lactoferricin derived from milk
Effect of lactoferrin on Helicobacter felis induced gastritis
Anti-invasive activity of bovine lactoferrin towards group A streptococci
Antiviral activity of ovotransferrin discloses an evolutionary strategy for the defensive activities of lactoferrin
Cancer prevention by bovine lactoferrin and underlying mechanisms — a review of experimental and clinical studies
Abstracts of the 5th International Conference on Lactoferrin / Résumés du 5e symposium internationeige sur la lactoferrin
5th International Conference on Lactoferrin / 5e Conférence internationale sur la lactoferrine