25th International West Coast Chromatin and Chromosomes Conference / 25e conférence internationale de la côte Ouest sur la chromatine et les chromosomes
Molecular basis of transcriptional silencing in budding yeast
The FACT chromatin modulator : genetic and structure/function relationships
Synthetic zinc finger peptides : old and novel applications
Nucleoplasmin : a nuclear chaperone
Histone modifications and DNA double-strand break repair
Activation domains of gene-specific transcription factors : are histones among their targets?
Gene regulation by Sp1 and Sp3
The long hand of the small RNAs reaches into several levels of gene regulation
Functional diversity of ISWI complexes
New twists on H2A.Z : a histone variant with a controversial structural and functional past
Telomeres, telomerase, and apoptosis
S100 proteins and their influence on pro-survival pathways in cancer
Abstracts of the 25th Annual West Coast Chromatin and Chromosomes Conference/Résumés de la 25e conférence annuelle sur la chromatine et les chromosomes de la côte ouest