26th International West Coast Chromatin and Chromosomes Conference / 26e conférence internationale de la côte Ouest sur la chromatine et les chromosomes
Chromatin remodeling complexes
Nuclear receptor coactivators
Epigenetic silencing of the MGMT gene in cancer
Maintenance and regulation of DNA methylation patterns in mammals
Psoralen photocrosslinking, a tool to study the chromatin structure of RNA polymerase I - transcribed ribosomal genes
Cross-talking histones
How does the histone code work?
Euchromatic and heterochromatic domains at Drosophila telomeres
NTP-driven translocation and regulation of downstream template opening by multi-subunit RNA polymerases
Functional dissection of the catalytic mechanism of mammalian RNA polymerase II
Organizing the genome
Tilling the chromatin landscape
Subnuclear compartmentalization of sequence-specific transcription factors and regulation of eukaryotic gene expression
Lsh, a guardian of heterochromatin at repeat elements
Chromatin potentiation of the hsp70 promoter is linked to GAGA-factor recruitment
Abstracts of the 26th Annual West Coast Chromatin and Chromosomes Conference / Résumés de la 26e conférence annuelle sur la chromatine et les chromosomes de la côte ouest