SCBMCB 49th Annual Meeting – Membrane Proteins in Health and Disease / 49e assemblée annuelle de la SCBBMC – Protéines membranaires dans la santé et la maladie
Introduction / Introduction
Abstract of the 27th International West Coast Chromatin and Chromosomes Conference / Résumés de la 27e Conférence internationale de la côte Ouest sur la chromatine et les chromosomes
Investigating membrane protein dynamics in living cells
The role of SLAM family receptors in immune cell signaling
Renal nucleoside transporters : physiological and clinical implications
Defects in cytochrome oxidase assembly in humans : lessons from yeast
Coupling between apical and paracellular transport processes
ERp57 and PDI : multifunctional protein disulfide isomerases with similar domain architectures but differing substrate–partner associations
VirB8 : a conserved type IV secretion system assembly factor and drug target
Computer simulations of ABC transporter components
Hypothesis : huntingtin may function in membrane association and vesicular trafficking
Strategies for dealing with conformational sampling in structural calculations of flexible or kinked transmembrane peptides
Why bicarbonate?
PRAF1 : a Golgi complex transmembrane protein that interacts with viruses
Unraveling trafficking of the kidney anion exchanger 1 in polarized MDCK epithelial cells
Recent progress in structure–function analyses of Nramp proton-dependent metal-ion transporters
Shedding light on drug transport : structure and function of the P-glycoprotein multidrug transporter (ABCB1)
Partitioning of myelin basic protein into membrane microdomains in a spontaneously demyelinating mouse model for multiple sclerosis
The position of the Gly-xxx-Gly motif in transmembrane segments modulates dimer affinity
Effects of site-directed mutations in Escherichia coli succinate dehydrogenase on the enzyme activity and production of superoxide radicals
P-glycoprotein (ABCB1) interacts directly with lipid-based anti-cancer drugs and platelet-activating factors
K–Cl cotransport in red blood cells from patients with KCC3 isoform mutants
Stimulatory effect of insecticides on partially purified P-glycoprotein ATPase from the resistant pest Helicoverpa armigera
Abstracts of the 49th Annual CSBMCB Meeting / Résumés de la 49e asseblée annuelle de la SCBBMC