Epigenetics and Chromatin Dynamics
Biochemistry and Cell Biology
A report on the 51st CSBMCB meeting, Epigenetics and Chromatin Dynamics
Transcription-factor-mediated epigenetic control of cell fate and lineage commitment
New developments in post-translational modifications and functions of histone H2A variants
Transcriptional and epigenetic functions of histone variant H2A.Z
Regulatory noncoding RNAs at Hox loci
Connection between histone H2A variants and chromatin remodeling complexes
Replicating chromatin
YEATS domain proteins
YAP, TAZ, and Yorkie
Structure and function of histone methylation binding proteins
Untargeted tail acetylation of histones in chromatin
ING function in apoptosis in diverse model systems
The dynamics of HMG protein–chromatin interactions in living cells
Histone acetylation
The multiple facets of histone H4-lysine 20 methylation
The role of INI1/hSNF5 in gene regulation and cancer
Regulation of gene expression and cellular proliferation by histone H2A.Z
Molecular dynamics of histone H1
Src kinase Hck association with the WASp and mDia1 cytoskeletal regulators promotes chemoattractant-induced Hck membrane targeting and activation in neutrophils
Recent advances in MeCP2 structure and function
A lot about a little dot — lessons learned from Drosophila melanogaster chromosome 4
Marks to stop the clock
Structural and temporal regulation of centromeric chromatin
The molecular basis of chromatin dynamics during nucleotide excision repair
Epigenetic specification of centromeres
Actin dynamics and functions in the interphase nucleus
Forces and torques in the nucleus
DNA sequence-dependent variation in nucleosome structure, stability, and dynamics detected by a FRET-based analysis
Nucleotide excision repair and photolyase repair of UV photoproducts in nucleosomes
Abstracts of the 51st Annual CSBMCB Meeting / Résumés de la 48e assemblée annuelle de la SCBBMC
29th Annual International Asilomar Chromatin and Chromosomes Conference