DNA Methylation and Carcinogenesis
3α-Hydroxysteroid Dehydrogenase in Animal and Human Tissues
Luminol-Dependent Chemiluminescence Analysis of Chitooligosaccharide-Induced Rapid Production of Hydrogen Peroxide by Intact Wheat Seedlings
Chitooligosaccharide-Induced Activation of o-Phenylenediamine Oxidation by Wheat Seedlings in the Presence of Oxalic Acid
Impact of MK-886 on H2O2 Generation by Human Neutrophils and Cell Degranulation
Study on Conformational Changes in Hemoglobin Protoporphyrin in Essential Hypertension
On the Ability of High Density Lipoproteins to Remove Phospholipid Peroxidation Products from Erythrocyte Membranes
Changes in Cytokinin Distribution in the Ovule and Ovary of Taraxacum officinale Web. in Early Stages of Embryogenesis
Experimental and Theoretical Investigation of Arachidonic Acid Uptake in Macrophages
Interaction of the Bacterial Ribonuclease Binase with the Polypeptide Inhibitor Barstar Based on Kinetic Data on Poly(U) Hydrolysis
Study of the Mechanism of Action of p-Chloromercuribenzoate on Endonuclease from the Bacterium Serratia marcescens
Allopurinol Enhances Adenine Nucleotide Levels and Improves Myocardial Function in Isolated Hypoxic Rat Heart
Identification of Catalytically Active Groups of Penicillium canescens F-436 β-Galactosidase
Complexing of Basic Pancreatic Proteinase Inhibitor with Soybean Phospholipid Multilamellar Vesicles
A Phosphodiesterase from Ascites Carcinoma Krebs II Cells Specifically Cleaves the Bond between VPg and RNA of Encephalomyocarditis Virus