Na/K-ATPase as an Oligomeric Ensemble
P-Chip and P-Chip Bienzyme Electrodes Based on Recombinant Forms of Horseradish Peroxidase Immobilized on Gold Electrodes
Variations of the Effect of Insulin on Neutrophil Respiratory Burst. The Role of Tyrosine Kinases and Phosphatases
Effect of the Antioxidant Ionol (BHT) on Growth and Development of Etiolated Wheat Seedlings : Control of Apoptosis, Cell Division, Organelle Ultrastructure, and Plastid Differentiation
Primary Structure of Ferredoxin from Bovine Kidney Mitochondria
Phosphorylation of the α-Subunit of Na,K-ATPase from Duck Salt Glands by cAMP-Dependent Protein Kinase Inhibits the Enzyme Activity
Principles of Selective Inactivation of a Viral Genome. Comparative Kinetic Study of Modification of the Viral RNA and Model Protein with Oligoaziridines
Antioxidant Properties, Autooxidation, and Mutagenic Activity of Echinochrome A Compared with Its Etherified Derivative
O-Specific Polysaccharide of the Marine Bacterium “Alteromonas marinoglutinosa” NCIMB 1770
Purification and Properties of p-Hydroxybenzoate Hydroxylases from Rhodococcus Strains
Electrostatic Interactions Play a Critical Role in Mycobacterium tuberculosis Hsp16.3 Binding of Substrate Proteins
Ascorbate and Low Concentrations of FeSO4 Induce the Ca2+-Dependent Pore in Rat Liver Mitochondria
Glucose as a Growth Medium Factor Regulating Lipid Composition of Yersinia pseudotuberculosis
Characteristics of Sarcoplasmic Reticulum Membrane Preparations Isolated from Skeletal Muscles of Active and Hibernating Ground Squirrel Spermophilus undulatus
Effect of the Cationic Detergent CTAB on the Involvement of ADP/ATP Antiporter and Aspartate/Glutamate Antiporter in Fatty Acid-Induced Uncoupling of Liver Mitochondria
Cleaving of Ketosubstrates by Transketolase and the Nature of the Products Formed
Free Radicals and Inflammation (Progress in Inflammation Research Series, 1999, 260 p.)
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